Vent silencer

Vent silencer

In Modern Power plants . its essential to safely depressurize systems and release steam is vital to a healthy operation .The speed of releasing steam can cause enormous amount of noise pollution . This pollution could be hazardous to the Plant personnel and also environmentally unacceptable. To mitigate the noise levels, most power plants are in need of installing Vent silencers. Our product played a vital role in fulfilling their requirements.

About our Vent Silencer:-
As such understanding Vent silencer working principles is a major part of ensuring worker safety . A Vent Silencer is a device intended to reduce the very high noise levels created high pressure Gas or Steam is expanded to the atmosphere.

  • This noise is produced by rapid turbulence of the vented gas jet and the release of energy from the compressed gas.
  • To manage this our Vent Silencer provide back pressure relief for the system ensuring proper operation.

Noise Reduction Principles in our Vent Silencer:-

First is a Reactive Section ( Diffuser)

  • To Attenuate the low frequencies and provide broad band noise reduction.
  • Absorption of the high frequency audible noise into a sound absorbing material.


  • Redirects and expands the flow into plenum Chamber forces.
  • Absorbs thrust forces.
  • Shifts Frequencies into the audible range.
  • Provides a pressure staged expansion to Atmosphere.

Plenum Section

  • Expands the gas and provides a reduced flow velocity.
  • Provides a reactive element to attenuate the low frequencies.
  • Lagged to improve (TL) Transmission Loss and reduce radiated noises.

Splitter panel Sections
The Splitter panel Sections diameter thickness, open area spacing and lengths are optimized for maximum (IL) Insertion Loss.

Typical Appliances

  • Safety valve(PSV)
  • Relief Valve(PRV)
  • Ejector
  • Start –up Valve
  • Snort Valve
  • Flash and Blow down Tanks
Special Features of our Vent Silencer

Our Vent Silencer are available in

  • Carbon Steels
  • Galvanized Steels
  • Stainless Steels
  • With numerous Protective coating Systems.
  • Diffusers are highly Engineered, Designed and fabricated to fulfill all the requirements.
  • By placing our Vent inside the plant , it will intercept the noise before releasing into the Atmosphere.
  • To address your particular plants needs , Our PK Engineering Team consists of experts who designed the Vent Silencer which provides maximum noise reduction in a concentrated Frequency Band.

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