The variety and number of fans used in Industrial processes and ventilation applications are in favour of workers health and safety and satisfying environmental regulations.

Fans normally deliver a large volume of air at relatively static pressure usually measured in inches of water. Generally silencers are used at intake and discharge of fan installations for treating air borne noise. Fan Silencers usually require absorptive type design as they are well known for better attenuation in mid and high frequency range.

The noise control is achieved by means of absorption. The acoustic energy propagating through the silencer is effectively. Absorbed into the fiberous absorption material and converted into heat energy.

The fan silencer are normally selected on the basis of maximum allowable pressure drop at rated flow and the silencing criteria. These silencers usually sized for around 5000 FPM velocity to prevent excessive self-generated noise and aerodynamic noise generation.

Fan selection Process:
To ensure that the flow area throughout the silencer is sufficient to accommodate the air flow without imposing excessive restriction. Pk Engineering we specifically select fan silencers to meet the noise
reduction needs of the applications , taking pressure drop and space limitations into considerations.


      Fan Inlet Silencer.( Intake fans system – Supply fan silencer)
      Fan Outlet Silencer ( Discharge fan system – Exhaust fan silencer)

Features of Fan Silencers:

  • Fan silencers sized exactly fit your fan.
  • No transistors or plenums required .
  • Fan silencers inlet and discharge connections configured to minimize “system effect”
  • Aerodynamic noise design and tapered tacts to minimize pressure drop.
  • An extensive list of design options and accessories to customize your silencer.

Specific Facility of Fan Silencer:
The noise generated by fans can reduced such as:

  • Space restrictions.
  • Maintaining air flow by minimizing pressure loss through silencer.
  • Meeting environmental noise regulations and Industrial heath and safety requirements.
  • Using construction materials specific to the application.
  • Providing accessories including rain hooda, transitions, support brackelts and flow measuring devices.

The use of silencer is to mitigate plant noises during operation . our experts very much conscious and keen on their production and they specially designs the fan silencer to fulfil the needs of all applications.

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