Compressor silencer

Compressor Silencer

Just as a pump raises the pressure on a liquid, a compressor raises air or gas pressure. These silencers are absorptive type silencers which are essentially a high frequency , low pressure drop attenuator. It depends on sound absorbing material to dissipate the acoustical energy and are usually straight through designs based on these our,

  • Compressor Silencers are designed for use in suppressing the intake noise from high speed blowers, fans and Centrifugal air handling devices with an atmospheric Suction.
  • Compressor Silencer is used to reduce the noise from Compressor system on the suction area.
  • Normally while the processor machine is running it will suck the air from surrounding by rotating of fans the blower on suction sides creates the unpleasant noise due to maximum pressure of air to arrest that noise.
  • We designed and manufacturing Compressor Intake silencer , Compressor Exhaust Silencer and other silencer products based on the applications.

We used best material with high quality Input, Perforated Sheet, Insulation wools and standard plates in our manufacturing process.
Blasting and painting:
We are strictly followed International Standard Blasting procedure. Painting are based on the Customer requirement and also based on process fluid temperature.
Features of our Compressor:

  • Maximum sound absorption.
  • Minimal air flow restriction and pressure drop.
  • Noise attenuation to melt applications needs.
  • For example Reciprocating Compressor exhibited destructive low frequency pressure pulsations and noise so for that its essential to use reactive Inlet Compressor silencer to dissipate the pulse energy.
  • High mid- to- upper band noise is also a problem then a reactive- absorptive Compressor silencer should be used to address both concerns.
  • Finally the most effective silencer is an absorptive type. The Silencer should be mounted as close to the compressor as possible to reduce excessive noises.

Being a manufacturer our experts and our team is keen on every aspect while designing our products for all applications to fulfil the customers satisfaction and also considering the workers safety they designed the product by following all the safety measurements to work in a secure peaceful environment .

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