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Industrial noise control generally involves the replacement of noise producing machinery or equipment with alternative exposure to hazardous noise at work is a major cause of hearing loss for workers. Noise control is an important element of the design and manufacturing process in industrial , commercial or environmental systems. To achieve living comfort designing a system to the required noise level requires practical knowledge , technical skills and experience. We design / manufacture all types of machine attachments to reduce…

Acoustic Doors

Acoustic Doors

These doors are designed to reduce the spread of noise and vibrations between rooms. They aim and insulate the sound within a room which is achievable thanks to insulate Engineering within the body of the door . Acoustic doors all as a barrier that restrict the reflection of sound . Our PK Engineering are using 18, 16 or 14 gauge galvanized steel for manufacturing the acoustic steel door. Our door is perfectly smooth, without visible joints on the faces and…

Expansion Joints Bellows

Expansion Joints Bellows

Selecting the right fabric expansion joint material for your system is important towards ensuring reliable operation PK Engineering is known for being the first in Fluoropolymer capabilities by manufacturing the highest quality materials and providing the optimal solutions both technically and economically. Expansion Bellows are used in piping systems to absorb thermal expansion or terminal movement where the use of expansion loops is undesirable or impractical. Flexible bellows also known as expansion joints are flexible elements that absorb movements in…

Gas Turbine Silencer

In all environments it is essential to keep noise at a level that is both safe and healthy for everyone in the area. Gas Turbine from PK Engineering provide that ideal solution to keep noise at a manageable level while maintaining the operating efficiency of your Turbine in take system. Gas Turbine exhaust Silencers are designed for reliable operation during the cyclic and sustained elevated temperatures experienced by gas turbine exhaust systems used for power and compressor station application. A…

Compressor silencer

Compressor Silencer

Just as a pump raises the pressure on a liquid, a compressor raises air or gas pressure. These silencers are absorptive type silencers which are essentially a high frequency , low pressure drop attenuator. It depends on sound absorbing material to dissipate the acoustical energy and are usually straight through designs based on these our, Compressor Silencers are designed for use in suppressing the intake noise from high speed blowers, fans and Centrifugal air handling devices with an atmospheric Suction.…

Engine Exhaust silencer

To face the ever reduction demands of the future , We design manufacture and Supply International Quality Engine Exhaust Silencer with high grade Raw Material for all types of Internal Combustion Engines running on Diesel , Petrol , Natural Gas, Bio Gas Etc., Our Products :- Shock Graded Exhaust Silencer – Marine Application Seismic Graded Exhaust Silencer – Thermal / Nuclear Power Plants “Noise is defined as unwanted sound” The purpose of an Exhaust Silencer is to reduce Engine noise…

Vent silencer

Vent silencer

In Modern Power plants . its essential to safely depressurize systems and release steam is vital to a healthy operation .The speed of releasing steam can cause enormous amount of noise pollution . This pollution could be hazardous to the Plant personnel and also environmentally unacceptable. To mitigate the noise levels, most power plants are in need of installing Vent silencers. Our product played a vital role in fulfilling their requirements. About our Vent Silencer:- As such understanding Vent silencer…

ATM Flash Tank

While we use the plant without flash tank the electrical equipments damage is unavoidable so our product helps to make the dream of functioning plants without damages noise and to present an environment which is Eco- friendly to the workers. The function of a flash tank is to allow high pressure condensate to flash tank and a reduced pressure steam. This reduced pressure steam is then used to supply heat to a lower pressure supply main. As the name indicates…


The variety and number of fans used in Industrial processes and ventilation applications are in favour of workers health and safety and satisfying environmental regulations. Fans normally deliver a large volume of air at relatively static pressure usually measured in inches of water. Generally silencers are used at intake and discharge of fan installations for treating air borne noise. Fan Silencers usually require absorptive type design as they are well known for better attenuation in mid and high frequency range.…


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