Vent Silencers

When we work using vents, noise is inevitable – but what if this same noise can be reduced to a great degree? Our work helps to make the dream of a silent industrial environment a reality. Our vent silencers will create a peaceful and a pleasant working environment. Usually, when vents are opened, they create noise upto 150-160dB (a) which is high enough to cause hearing damage to the operator and contribute to noise pollution. In addition to the above factors, reducing the noise contributes to safer working environment for the employees.

We design, manufacture and supply internationally the vent silencers for attenuating the noise produced by movement of gases in pressure.The main purpose of a vent silencer is to manage the instant release of huge amounts of steam with high pressure into atmosphere while cutting of the noise produced while venting the steam in different temperature and pressure conditions.

PK Engineering can design the required vent silencer for you – whether you want to silence a discharging gas /air compressor system or a steam boiler. Experts are employed to assemble after fabricating each and every silencer, ensuring that you exactly obtain what you are looking for. PK engineering use only high quality materials and experienced, well trained fabricators which not only fulfils you needs but also is very durable thus last for a long time.

Vent Silencer applications

  •  Nuclear Power Plants
  •  Cogeneration - CHP
  •  HRSG & Combustion Boiler
  •  Petro-Chemical Industries
  •  Combined Cycle Plant – CCP
  •  Power Plants (New Installation/Replacement)
  •  Natural Gas Compression Stations
  •  Heavy industries

Data Required

1 Type of air/gas/vapour
2 Molecular Weight
3 Cp/Cv
4 Flow rate (TPH/ Kg/hr)
5 Pressure upstream of vent valve (Kg/cm2/ Bar )
6 Pressure at inlet to silencer (Kg/cm2/ Bar )
7 Upstream temperature (ºF/ ºC)
8 Inlet temperature (ºF/ ºC)
9 Valve line size (Inches / mm )
10 Silencer Connection size & type (Inlet) (Inches / mm )
11 Unsilenced noise level(dBA)
12 Desired silenced noise level(dBA)

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