Fan silencer

Industrial fan installations, small or large, produce noise. This fan noise is one of the most predominant noise sources in an industrial plant. The magnitude and intensity of noise will vary depending on fan size, horse power, air flow, type and number of blades, static pressure, rotational speed, etc.

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Engine exhaust silencer

Generally, engine silencers are broadly classified into following categories depending on the end use.

  • Commercial Grade
  • Industrial Grade
  • Semi Residential Grade
  • Residential Grade
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Compressor silencer

Centrifugal compressors are noisy and require noise control. Just as a pump raises the pressure on a liquid, a compressor raises air or gas pressure. Centrifugal compressor noise is produced primarily by blade-tip turbulence which is a function of horse power, speed, discharge pressure, piping velocities, number of stages of compression, type and number of blades etc

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Established in the Year of 2010. We P.K Engineering in India engaged in Manufacturing and Exporting the wide range of Noise control products such as Industrial silencers and Acoustic enclosures etc. We do Design, Manufacturing and Supply of customized solution for Industrial silencers, Acoustic enclosures, Sound Proof Door and Sound Proof cabins etc… Our products are successfully applied in the Power, Steel, Oil& Gas, Water, Process, Petrochemical, Fertilizers and Paper Industries worldwide.

We are the region partner of M/s. ALPHA ACOUSTIKI LTD, Athens, Greece.

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI has more than 25 years of experience in the Noise control, Vibration control and HAVC system products. We are the distributing anti-vibration products also for more information please visit – www.antivibration–


Industrial silencers -- Boiler safety valve Steam vent silencers, Turbine warm up & Star up vent silencers , FD & ID Fan inlet & outlet silencers, Compressor suction and discharge silencers & Air Blow off silencers, Blower suction and discharge silencers, Natural and gas engine exhaust silencers, Gas turbine and compressor air intake and exhaust systems silencers etc …….

Acoustic Enclosure - - Acoustic enclosure for steam & Gas turbine, Gas engines, Centrifugal compressors, ball mill and any kind of noise generation machineries …

Sound proof door - Sound proof door for compressor buildings, Engine buildings, Turbine room etc...

Sound proof cabin - Sound proof operator cabins, Turbine control rooms, Compressor control rooms etc

Types of Vibration Products

1. Spring anti vibration mounts
2. Anti-vibration rubber pads
3. Building anti vibration products
4. Rubber anti vibration mounts
5. Anti vibration Hangers for studio purpose

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