Fan Silencers

The many different types of fans /blowers used in industries and other ventilating applications are a major contributor to the noise issues, not only affecting worker health and safety but also environmental regulations.

The fans may be used individually as stand-alone applications or as components of equipment such as for example air handling units and dust collectors. Fans, which are mechanical rotating equipments, are a common source of noise in industries

Fans in industries usually become a source of significant noise problem leading the requirement of silencers.PK Engineering’ fan silencer will address this by

  •  Regulating air flow by reducing loss of pressure in the silencer
  •  Managing restrictions in space
  •  Help attain environmental regulations for noise and health, safety requirements for industries
  •  Using high quality components ensuring their durability

Fan Inlet Silencers & Fan Outlet Silencers

The fan inlet silencer and the fan outlet silencer are engineered to meet your exact noise reduction needs, with heavy gauge steel being used for industrial silencers and lighter gauges use for commercial silencers. Each silencer is engineered precisely for accuracy in their loss of pressure and velocity of airflow

Fan Silencer Applications

Generally Fan silencers are used for Steel & Power plants, Chemical plants, Petrochemical refineries & Oil & Gas Plants with following applications

  •  Forced draft Fan
  •  Induced draft fan
  •  Primary Air Fan
  •  Secondary Air Fan
  •  Axial Fans
  •  Centrifugal type Fans

Input design Data Required

  •  Air Flow Rate (Actual CMH)
  •  Temperature (°C)
  •  Maximum allowable pressure drop (mmwc)
  •  Inlet / discharge Connection size of the Fan (Inches/ mm )
  •  Existing noise frequency spectrum ( 63 Hz to 8 KHz) as per the table

Measured / predicted Noise level if available

PK Engineering offers all types of fan silencing solutions and noise reduction methods to meet every need

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