Acoustic Enclosure & Sound proof Doors

Basically noise is one of the most predominant issues in Steel, Power, Chemical & Process Industries. High noise cause for hearing damage, effect performance of workers which will impact entire production target, so safety and economic requirements make a noise control program essential for industries. Also an industry has to follow CPCB / ISO14001 Norms for noise pollution.

PKE help solve noise problems by providing a complete line of acoustical panels which can be quickly and easily assembled to provide complete or partial enclosures for noisy equipment or to provide a quiet office in a manufacturing area. Acoustic panel enclosures are designed to provide optimum noise control through sound absorption and sound transmission loss.

PKE acoustic enclosures are designed and manufactured according to site condition for easy maintenance and to reduce noise up to desired noise level. Acoustic panels are fabricated of solid steel outer skin, and solid or perforated steel inner skin. Panels are stiffened with ā€œCā€ steel channels. Acoustic insulation material fill is packed under compression. Noise enclosures are available with Hinge / Sliding doors, removable panels, air ventilation packages. Our acoustic enclosure suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The outdoor application we will provide the suitable rain proof arrangement on the roof.


  •  Steam Turbine
  •  Gas turbine
  •  Gas compressors
  •  Centrifugal blowers / compressors
  •  Boiler feed pumps
  •  Diesel Generators
  •  Roots blowers
  •  Ball Mills
  •  All kind of noise generated machines & Instruments


Constructed from high performance acoustic materials for maximum noise attenuation Systems are designed to reduce labour and materials Available pre-assembled or skid mounted for portability Designed to be maintenance free for the life of the project weatherproof design and corrosion resistant construction

1 Application of the machine / Instruments
2 Dimensions of the machine/ Instruments (LxWxH mm)
3 G.A drawing of the machine/ Instruments
4 Motor or engine Heat load (Kw)
5 Allowable temperature raise inside the enclosure from the ambient level ( dg C)
6 Number of Single leaf doors
7 Number of Double leaf doors
8 Number of Glass windows
9 Electrical Lighting details
10 Existing noise level (dBA)
11 Required Noise Criterion (dBA)

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